Los ojos de Julia

In ‘Los ojos de Julia’ (‘Julia’s Eyes’) we meet Julia (Belén Rueda), who’s sister has just committed suicide, be hanging herself in the basement. However, Julia is not convinced and has begun investigate matters herself. Sara (Julia’s sister – also played be Rueda) had an eye disease, which had rendered her blind. But she was, according to Julia, not depressed in any way. Furthermore, Julia has the same eye disease as her sister had, but her eyesight can be saved, if someone donate their eyes to her.

Then Julia’s husband is killed by a freak accident in a bathtub into which he accidentally drops an old lamp. Soon after that she gets her ‘new’ eyes, with strict instructions not to remove the bandage until after two weeks has passed, or else she runs the risk of becoming blind. Here’s a thing that have bothered me and several others, allow me to quote, “if you just had an eye surgery, you don’t want to stay in the hospital to recover your eyesight. instead you insist to spend the time in the creepy old house where sister died in mysterious circumstances and where there’s quite possibly a maniac on the loose”. That’s just to insane…

From here on the story takes of. Belén Rueda, who we also know from ‘El Orfanato’ (‘The Orphanage’) is quite good at playing the hysterical lady, that no-one believes. A lot of Guillermo del Toro’s small tricks are also used, like the jump-in-the-seat chocks, old shreaky houses with a lot of loud chilling noises and a touch of, “is it the lady going nuts, is it really happening or is it maybe some unearthly creatures there’s at large”. This worked very well in ‘The Orphanage’, but it’s not working quite as well in this movie. The more I think about it, the more silly plot holes and the like pops up. Annoying really…it could have been so good, with just a little more effort from everyone involved in this flick.

There are a couple of very bizarre people and murders in the flick as well as some very strange going ones – among those of a mother / son relationship, that makes you think ‘Psycho’, and that isn’t a bad thing. Hence, it isn’t, be no means, a bad movie, but it could have worked much better, I think. I’ll be large, and award it 3 small stars.

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