Super 8

As already mentioned by several other reviewers, this movie is clearly an homage to the ‘innocent’ Spielberg sci-fi movies of the late 70’s and early 80’s. Of cause ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ and ‘E.T.’ jumps to mind. ‘Super 8’ is co-produced by Spielberg himself, however it’s directed by J.J. Abrams, best known for ‘Star Trek’ (the reboot), and the TV-series ‘Lost’ and ‘Alias’.

This movie takes place in small town USA some 25 years ago. It centers around a group of young teenagers, who are in the process of making a zombie movie, using their state of the art super-8 equipment. One of the scenes in their movie is to take place at an old train station. By a stoke of luck, the youngsters see a train approaching, while shooting, and quickly incorporates it into their story. Just as the freight train passes by, a 4WD approaches the train on the track – in the opposite direction, and the inevitable crash between the two vehicles, causes one of the largest and most spectacular train derailment scenes I’ve ever seen on the silver screen.

All five of the youngsters amazingly survive the ensuing mayhem. But as soon as they find out, that it was one of their teachers that rammed into the train, and he (who has unbelievably survived the crash) shouts to them, that they should run away as fast as they can and are not to tell anyone, want they have just witnessed, they of cause needs to find out what’s behind this strange crash.

Needless to say, it being a Abrams flick, but this movie involves a (subterranean?) monster/alien, a lot of police, the military – who does it’s best to destroy the little town, some strange going ones, mayhem & destruction and so on and so forth. But it also include five young, not to bad actors/actresses, some young fumbling love and some funny scenes as well.

The best part of the movie is the first half. In the second half, things seems to be moving to fast and simply becomes to implausible. And then there’s the ending, which is simply to E.T.-ish (to Spielberg-ish even) for my kind of taste.

One thing I must urge you to do, and that is to remain seated until at least 3-4 minutes into the end credits. Well, not a bad movie at all. I’ll give it four (out of six) stars.

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