This low-budget (estimated $13.000.000) Hollywood production, made by Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn and with Ryan Gosling in the lead role, was not bad at all.

Our nameless hero (part-time stunt driver and part-time get-away driver – for anyone willing to pay), is the strong and silent type. He falls in love with his neighbor Irene (Carey Mulligan), who has a son with her husband Standard, who is doing time for some undisclosed offense. Of cause this falling in love thing, is not the wisest thing to do, considering his job description!

There are some strong, shocking even, violence in the latter half of ‘Drive’. But to me it suits the mood and style of the movie, and it isn’t really that graphic. If you have seen movies like Tarantino’s ‘Reservoir Dogs’ or ‘Pulp Fiction’ you will not be scared by the violence in this flick.

As mentioned earlier, our hero is the silent type, and this have apparently “disturbed” a lot of the American viewers, who requires a lot of silly talk along the way, and find the silence to be boring and artsy. Well, to me the silence works in this movie. It suits the lead character, as well as the fumbling relationship with his neighbor. Too much talk is not needed, the scenes themselves does the talking and that’s very refreshing in a Hollywood production.

While there’s not a lot of talking in ‘Drive’, there is a lot of (loud) music, which for the most part works great. However, this score has been written for this movie and parts of this music sounds a little cheap to my ears. While the movie takes place in today’s L.A., it is very much 80’s themed, the same goes for the music which sounds like a (cheap) copy of some of the music used in the original ‘Miami Vice’ TV-series. I guess that some copyright issues is to blame here, but it would have made the movie even better, if for example “Crockett’s Theme” could have been used during some of the driving sequences.

Music caveats aside, it is a great movie, so 5 HUGE stars (out of 6), from me!

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