Crazy Christmas Cabaret: Below the (eqatorial) Belt

Last night I went to the Dress Rehearsal of this years Crazy Christmas Cabaret. This was the 29th installment of this wacky show, and the 13th, no the 14th time it was held in Glassalen in Tivoli in Copenhagen. As always CCC has been written by Vivienne McKee, who also plays several parts in the show, most noticeable as the slightly confused Dr. Bent van Helsingør fra Elsinore.

This years shenanigans takes place in King Konga in the village of Watadump near Viagra Falls and in the shadow of Mount Pikbotha – that’s below the equatorial belt, in case you wonder. The going ones is centered around the natives struggle to overturn their dictator as well as group of explorers from England & Scandinavia. Not that the story in itself is that important, as it’s just a platform from which the very talented cast can deliver the sketches and their musical performances.

And we do get it in abundance, the silly sketches and the musical acts. There’s never a dull moment in the 2,5 hours the show lasts (plus intermission). No one is safe, the Danes, the queen, the new Danish government even the new Nordic Kitchen and the no. 1 restaurant in the world ‘Noma’ (or no mad – ‘no food’, as it henceforth will be known) are missed.

I guess that you can say this years show is sillier than ever, and that’s not a bad thing, as long as the silliness is also witty. It is not the best ‘Crazy Christmas Cabaret’ I’ve seen, but less than the best, is still much better than most other shows that you’re treated to these days.

Everyone in the cast are great, but if I should give special mention to three actors, it must be Vivienne McKee, who has been the brain behind this show for 30 years now – and does not look a day over 40 ;), David Bateson, who is really good at playing really bad – in a hilarious way and Katrine Falkenberg, who as well as being a skilled musical star also is a great comedienne – she really is the Gorgeous Gazelle of CCC.

I laughed a lot and so did my companion, who by the way was a CCC virgin (that’s important – go and see the show, to find out why). By the way the show is almost entirely in english, so a pretty good knowledge of this language is required to get the full benefit of the show.

5 stars (out of 6).

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9 svar til Crazy Christmas Cabaret: Below the (eqatorial) Belt

  1. Søren Hall siger:

    Dear Nils,
    Thanks a lot for the praise! Just a little correction – it is actually the 14th time in Glassalen!

  2. Nils siger:

    Dear Søren,

    Right you are! Gotta learn how count :). Fixed.


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  5. Ward Ardizone siger:

    Awesome post! I will keep an on eye on your blog.

  6. Have been looking at this site for some time now…Keep up the good work . Got to know things that i did not before. Cheers!

  7. Cordelia siger:

    Well i Think it was a really bad show. the jokes were similar All the Way through. when a Comedy isn’t making fun abolut anything else Then sex, it is to me a non-creative satire. The only thing i enjoyed was the extremly hot Black guy, but i was fat up with There humor .

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