Last Friday, I saw this little gem of a movie. I’ve always, since she made her appearence in  ‘The Secretary’ that is, liked Maggie Gyllenhaal a lot. She is a superior comedienne as well as being a beautiful lady. As she also has a certain ‘nerve’ about her, enabeling her to play the darker and more complex parts, she is for sure one of my favourite actresses.

The movie itself takes place in the 1880’s London, and is based on a true story (really, it is), about what led to the invention of the vibrator. Young Dr. Granville (Hugh Dancy) gets a job at Dr. Dalrymple (Jonathan Pryce), who is treating hysterical women, by manually stimulating them with his fingers. He is very successful, and Dr. Granville soon has his hands full, so to speak. Dr. Dalrymple also has two daughters, the well-behaved Emily (Felicity Jones) and the not so well-behaved Charlotte (Gyllenhaal).

Unfortunately, his huge success also leads to his right hand getting overworked and hence useless in doing the delicate work that he is doing on those hordes of women who are queuing outside the practice. Finally, Granville is fired by Dalrymple. Fortunately, Granville has a good friend and benefactor, Lord Edmund St. John-Smyte (Rupert Everett), who is a bit of an inventor, especially when it comes to making use of the new invention, electricity. And soon, yes you guessed it, the first vibrator-thingy is born :-).

Remember to sit through the first part of end-credits, and get some interesting historic information related to this matter. I’ll award this movie 5 stars (out of 6). Absolutely one of the best comedies of the year – if you’re past your teens!

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