Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

This looks like something we’ve seen before – several times. Like a potpourri of the first three M:I movies. The story seems old-fashioned and so does the action sequences, the jokes, the gadgets, the stunts – even Mr. Scientology Himself, Tom Cruise, looks old and wrinkly. One might think that the latest BMW prototype would be able to spice things up a bit. Well, the car looks plain ugly and the HUD navigation isn’t really that novel a thing. The heavy, to say the least, use of Apple devices (several iPhone 4’s, iPads, MacBook Pro’s and MacBook Air’s) is of cause a plus point. However, some of them comes with unsightly attachments in this flick, which we do not like 😉

The much talked about scenes in Burj Khalifa (f.k.a. Burj Dubai), the worlds tallest building, were okay, but not more than that. This building is indeed very tall, but one never feels the rush of being upwards 3000 feet in the air.

Simon Pegg and Léa Seydoux is just about the only uplifting things/characters in the ‘old’ movie. If I had paid more than DKK 100 and if it hadn’t been for the pre-film champagne, layer cake & chocolates, I’ve would have complained loudly – now I’ll only whisper my disgruntlement with this sad and boring movie…

I’m amazed that, after five weeks in the US cinemas, the box office figures is better (only slightly, but still) better than ‘Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows’, which were far better than this uninteresting mess. I’m going to muster all my positiveness, nevertheless, and give it:


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