Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

This movie is slowly paced – v e r y slowly paced. And to begin with, it’s almost impossible to find head or tails in this seemingly very complex story. However, after a while you get used to the tempo, the many jumps back and forth in time and the pace, and slowly you learn what is going on in the Circus & what really happened in Budapest!

Well, it’s a bit complicated to tell about the story without giving to much away – and the story is complicated, so it’s difficult tell about it 🙂 Get it? I almost do not myself 😉 Have you read the splendid book (by John le Carré) or seen the brilliant TV series from the early 80’s, you will of cause know who did it! However, I’m pretty sure that you will enjoy this movie anyway. If you’re new to Smiley’s people, you will, if you like movies where a bit of brainwork is needed while watching a flick, enjoy this movie even more.

The story takes place (primarily) in 1973 in London. It’s the hight of the Cold War and everything is looking grey and gloomy, including the streets, the buildings and the people. So expect no action (although two murders are committed), no car chases, no smart & fast talking and no desirable babes.

What makes this story work is the characters and how they are portrayed. And just about every part has been cast perfectly by fine british actors such as John Hurt (Control), Gary Oldman (Smiley), Mark Strong (Prideaux), Ciarán Hinds (Bland), Colin Firth (Haydon), Benedict Cumberbatch (Guillam) and the odd one out, danish actor David Dencik (Esterhase). The latter is best known for his part as psychiatrist Anders Assing in the depression-comedy series ‘Lykke’. These gentlemen doesn’t really do that much, but their presence and their ability to act without over-acting, is so convincing that it’s the best movie I’ve seen this year to date (2012).

It deserves, and gets:


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