The Descendants

As the narrator (Clooney) says in the beginning of the movie – referring to Oahu (Hawaii) where he lives “Paradise? Paradise can go fuck itself.”

I wasn’t really planning to go and see this one. But when my uncle called me around noon today, asking me if I wanted to join him seeing it in Imperial later today, I was of cause game. A decision I didn’t come to regret. Matt King (George Clooney) is a Hawaiian lawyer whose wife Elisabeth (Patricia Hastie) is severely injured in motorboat accident, just as the movie begins. She’s in vegetative state and it soon becomes clear that Matt will  have to shut her live support down and let her die.

While preparing for this daunting task, Matt learns that Elisabeth had a lover, a real estate agent of all people. So while he is trying to inform friends, family and his two feisty teenage daughters about the situation, he’s starts a search for this guy.

This sounds like a ‘keep your handkerchiefs on standby’ movie, doesn’t it? Well, luckily the always brilliant Clooney sees to, with the help of Beau Bridges and Nick Krause, that this flick is quite a bit more than that. Actually, this movie has it’s almost hilarious relief moments, which is quite uncommon for this genre of American movies. However, I find  it very liberating, even though some may find it a tad to controversial.

Is this flick Oscar material? Well, it does have most of the ingredients of a winner – and then some. However, I won’t be able to judge this until I’ve seen ‘The Artist’ this coming Friday – just in time for the Oscar Ceremony 🙂


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