Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Jiro Ono runs the only sushi bar in the world that has three stars in The Michelin Guide. The bar is located inside the metro station in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan and it only seats 10 customers at a time. The menu starts at JPY 30.000 (≈ €280 ≈ $375) and include 20 pieces of sushi (only nigiri), served one by one, and also includes a dessert that consists of a 1/8 of sweet watermelon and a cup of green tea.

The 85-year old sushi chefs Jiro’s attention to detail and his constant striving for perfection is almost beyond belief. One example of that is, when a costumers sits down, he immediately takes notice of whether he or she is right or left-handed, and then serves the sushi slanted in the right way accordingly.  Furthermore he only buys the very best fish at the market and at the market his suppliers buys only the best of best at the fish auction.

Except for a couple of time-lapse shots from the kitchen and some slow-mo sequences from the auction, the camera is usually pointing unfussily direct at the action. The only ‘annoying’ shots are the numerous close-ups of Jiro’s delicious creations… Don’t watch this on an empty stomach!

This is quite simply a fantastic, and simple, movie about Jiro, his sushi bar and his sons. Even though the now 85-year old  Jiro had a very tough, brutal even, start at life and even if he appears terrifying, both towards his sons, costumers and food critics, he still has lot humor and self-irony even. I saw it yesterday in Imperial Cinema (CPH), where we got a glass of wine and four pieces of sushi prior to having the movie introduced by the translator of the movie and Japan’s ambassador in Denmark. A delicate little arrangement. I immediately felt the urge for taking a little trip to Tokio 🙂

I’m without hesitation awarding this gem of a documentary:


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