The Artist

By the end of the firs half of this movie, I was beginning to get annoyed. Because in the first 50 minutes, we have been shown all (or most of) the little ‘tricks’ that were used 80-odd years ago by Charlie Chaplin and others stars of the silent movie era. What (almost) really drove me nuts, was the constant and very loud ‘happy-go-lucky’ music that were used intensively. Well, just before I was pushed over the edge, some interesting effects were put into use, such as sound effects, wow, and the movie began to become almost compelling.

No doubt that both the starring characters, French actor Jean Dujardin (George Valentin) and Argentinean actress Bérénice Bejo (Peppy Miller) are really great performers, and alongside John Goodman (the director) and James Cromwell (the chauffeur) also made a great impression. But to me the real star of this movie, was The Dog – played by Uggie! And this comes from a none-dog person, so that’s quite big 😉

This is just the kind of movie that appeals to the old men in the Oscar comity. And I’m pretty sure that it will get the bulk of the Oscars at tonight’s awards ceremony.

I’m pretty much convinced that if you have never seen a silent movie before, you are going to hate this movie. If you have, and if you can get past the first half, you’re going to like it, or perhaps even love it. Well, I didn’t love it, but I did like it, hence I’m going to award it:


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