The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

A little movie with some of the greatest English actors and actresses during the last 40, or so, years. Seven unrelated elderly persons from England are drawn, or lured you might say, to ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ in India, in the belief that the hotel is a luxury retreat. Of cause it is far from being luxurious, it is a ruin run by the very energetic Sonny (Dev Patel – ‘Slumdog Millionaire’).

The movie seems true to the life as it is in the inner cities of India, including the very colorful (possibly a little to brightly colored) street life, the dirt, the noise and the poor people. Maybe herein also lies the problem with the movie. It is a comedy, that also wishes to address some of the trouble with Indian society, namely the different casts that people, in most cases, are born into. This is an issue, that for a Scandinavian like me is impossible to comprehend, but for people in India is just a fact of life – or is it. I didn’t get a single step further towards getting wiser at this subject, by watching this movie.

Well, the humor is very English and VERY understated at that. So no big laughs but some giggles here and there. Great performances all the way around, especially from Judy Dench (who also narrates the going ones), Tom Wilkinson and Bill Nighy.

This is first and foremost a feel good flick. And I did feel good and in a slightly uplifted mode when I left the theatre.


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