The Lady

Just as The Lady (Aung San Suu Kyi) and her party (The National League for Democracy) finally has gotten the (first) 44 seats in the Myanmar (Burma) parliament, that they were stripped off by the military junta all those years ago, this movie finally opens in Denmark.

This movie was primarily centered around the last years of her husband’s, Michael Aris (played masterfully by David Thawlis) life. He died in 1999 of cancer, only 53 years old. Before seeing the movie, I knew a lot about the life of Suu, especially her many years in-house arrest and of cause also that she got the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991, but I most admit that knew next to nothing about her British husband and their two sons.

Other than that, I most say that Michelle Yeoh has a striking resemblance with the real Aung San Suu Kyi, who even if she is now nearing her 70th birthday, still looks quite young. If the same goes her husband I cannot say but, as mentioned above, David Thawlis certainly gives a strong performance.

What this flick really focuses on, is the separation of a married couple who obviously loves each other a lot. It seems like that this is something that Michael, and to a certain degree the boys, accepts, as they all know that this sacrifice serves a higher purpose – turning Myanmar into a democracy. Of cause there are a LOT of tears in this movie due to these many years of separation, but no angry outbursts or something along those lines from anyone in the family, which one might had expected. Maybe this is true to reality? Who knows?

However, strong performances and look-alikes aside, I must say that I found that clocking in at approx 140 minutes, that this bone was cooked dry. I almost dozed off for half an hour midway through the movie, but as I got my second wind, nothing much had happened. I so much would have wanted Luc Besson to have cut 30 minutes of this flick, then I would have really liked it. Now I only semi-liked it…


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