Titanic 3D

A couple of days before going to see this 3D-version of James Cameron’s blockbuster movie of all time, I watched the documentary ‘Unsinkable Titanic’ from 2008. This documentary counted up all the mistakes, misunderstandings, judgement errors and natural occurrences, there where more than 12 of them, leading up to the catastrophe. And it was interesting to learn that if just one of these things had been avoided, more than 1.500 lives could have been saved. These mistakes went from the ship being built using a lower grade steel being used than originally decided, iron rivets being used instead of steel ones in some of the strategical places in the ship over the not being able to find the keys for the binoculars cabinet to the fact that the captain decided NOT to sail directly into the iceberg.

It was kind of fun to see Leonardo DiCaprio (Jack) looking SO young. He has certainly grown as an actor since ‘Titanic’. ‘Blood Diamond’, ‘Shutter Island’ and ‘Inception’ being three of my favorites. As for Kate Winslet (Rose), well she has always struck me as one of the most uncomplicated, naturally beautiful and most gifted actresses. ‘Eternal Sunshine on a Spotless Mind’, ‘Finding Neverland’ and ‘Revolutionary Road’ being good examples of her qualities.

A lot of people, including apparently Kate Winslet, say that they hate this movie! Well, it is basically a good old-fashioned love story (poor boy falls in love with upper class girl, upper class girl falls in love with the boy, upper class girl’s rich fiance (naturally) disapproves, and so and so forth) and this love story is set on mighty Titanic. So there’s really nothing new under the sun here, but to me this love story works and it works well. Of cause the big bucks used to make this movie, was used wisely, which helps a lot :). One thing though, the 3D treatment this version of Titanic underwent, did absolutely nothing for the movie.

In a couple of hours time (GMT -4), 100 years ago this mythic catastrophe happened. James Camerons version is one of about 30 (non-documentary) movies made about this as well as hundreds of books – it’s a true story that will never die, it seems. If this is the best movie made about Titanic, I cannot say. But if you ask me, this version stands the test of time – well it’s only 15 years old, but still…


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