Iron Sky


First of all, let me say to those people who was in doubt exactly what kind of movie this is. It’s a totally silly comedy making a huge joke on the nazis – and on the warmongers around the world in general. Some jokes are also made on the American Presidents expense (who has an uncanny – but of cause intended – resemblance with Sarah Palin), but also on The UN, North Korea, Finland and so on…

Well, the story in this flick is completely over the top absurd. But in short, a group of nazis has been living in hiding on the dark side of the moon, since the end of WWII. Now, that’s 2018, it’s time to go back to earth and finish what they almost did back in the 1940’s. There are two major problems, however. One is that their computer power is limited, to say the least. They do, in the end, find this computer power in the form of an iPad 2 :). The other major issue they have, is that a lot of their ideology is based on a documentary short called ‘The Great Dictator’. Only when one of the them, Renate, who’s an English teacher on the moon base, sees the full version with Charlie Chaplin in New York, the terrible truth dawns upon her.

The thing about this movie, ass we were discussing as we left the theatre, was if teenagers and other young people, who unfortunately these days, are not aware (educated enough) of the terrible things that went on during World War II, has enough knowledge to fully comprehend what’s fun and why it’s fun in this movie…

For a movie that (estimated) has only costed €7,500,000 to make, i find the special effects are more than decent. As for the performance of the cast, the picture is more varied. Stephanie Paul (The President of USA) is almost as mad as one would expect Sarah Palin ever won the office and Monika Gossmann (Designer) as the Presidents right hand woman, who’s very much set on always looking her best when on a mission, is also wonderfully screwed in head ;). Unfortunately Udu Kier (Wolfgang Kortzfleisch, The New Führer – “Heil Kortzfleisch”, doesn’t sound quite right, does it?) isn’t as mad, as one would have hoped for. I had expected a little more silly-ness from our Finnish friends, but all in all, I was richly entertained.


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