The Dictator

No doubt that Sacha Baron Cohen walks a fine line between going over the top with his crazy, at times insane humor, and his more satirical, almost political humor, on the other side. I guess that you can say that this kind of comedy is not for the fainthearted ones and I’m sure that a lot of easily offended persons will be very much offended by the gags in this flick. This movie is joke upon joke in the above mentioned categories. And I like it ;). Still, maybe it’s a good thing that this movie is the shortest of the year until now, because one may have begun to feel be-joked, if this flick had lasted more than 90 minutes.

Absolutely no one can feel safe in this movie. Arabs, Jews, Americans, North Koreans, Woman, Men, Gays, Lesbians, Avatars and so on :). Especially a scene towards the end of the movie, where Aladeen (the Dictator) gives a speech in the UN, where the Americans are in his line of sight, is very funny I think.

For reasons I won’t go into here, Aladeen is forced to go to New York in order to address the UN regarding his good intentions for his country and it’s inhabitants. Needless to say everything goes haywire shortly after his arrival. One of the American security guards kidnaps Aladeen, and does the worst possible thing that you can do to an Arab, namely removes his huge Mohammed style beard. This of cause gives rise to a lot of misunderstandings, which Aladeen’s personal security advisor (Ben Kingsley) only worsens, as he is secretly trying to throw the dictator from his throne, partly with the help of a totally brain-dead Aladeen-double.

Aladeen is so full of himself, that he has renamed a lot of words, like ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ to, yeah you guessed it, to Aladeen. This is a huge problem, for example for the patient at the doctor who is told that his AIDS-test was Aladeen…

As you may have learned by now, this is not exactly a super serious movie, although there are a couple of semi-serious messages put in along the way. Well, I’m pretty sure that this is not an unforgettable (duble negative, I know) movie, but here and now it’s good choice if you’re in search of a couple af good laughs – and are not to sensible when it comes to Cohen’s ‘hard-core’ humor!


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