Men in Black 3 3D

‘Mom, the President drank my chocolate milk’

If you ask me, I actually think that third time’s a charm. Far better than the second one, but also marginally better than the original. Sure we are talking 3D sci-fi silliness here, but silliness with a bit off an unusual edge I find. And in addition to the usual shenanigans we have gotten used to watching the two first movies in this trilogy, we also get a bit of freakiness as well as a couple of serious moments. And to me this tiny bits of seriousness works – and the freakiness works big time. However, I cannot deny it, I do like movies that are more or less freaky…

The story is just as silly as it is complicated. I won’t go too much into details about the going ons here, as I’m afraid of giving to much away. It’s plain and simple a must see flick. But some of the ingredients include time jumps (literally jumps), made in such way, and with good use of the 3D-effects, that you can almost feel it in your stomach. Back in 1969, one day before the launch of Apollo 11, Agent J (Will Smith) meets the young Agent K (Josh Brolin), who has an almost uncanny resemblance with the Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), that we all have learnt to love for his extremely grumpy ‘style’.

Other than that, it’s thumps up on just about every of the cast members, including Emma Thompson (as ‘the’ old Agent O) and Jemaine Clement (Boris) the main antagonist of the movie, who is fiddling around with destroying planet Earth. He is of cause an alien, as of cause Andy Warhol proves to be, and, as it is briefly shown, Lady Gaga also is – but we all knew that already 🙂

There is no denying it, Nicole Scherzinger (former Pussycat Doll), as the girlfriend who succeeds in getting Boris (the Animal) out of the high security prison on the moon where Agent K put him 40 years ago, looks damn hot in her dominatrix-like outfit. And that we like – a lot!


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