Prometheus 3D

A lot of the traditional news paper reviews has spent a lot of column space on comparing ‘Prometheus’ to ‘Alien’. That’s natural to do so, but at the same time a bit unfair I think. ‘Alien’ was a groundbreaking movie, it raised the bar for the this sci-fi/horror genre a notch or two. Prometheus is in many ways an homage to ‘Alien’, but of cause with the addition of state of the art special F/X, stunning footage of both earth and alien planets as well as some fantastic new ways of showing holograms.


I have seen a lot of good movies lately and maybe I’ve been to generous when grading some of them. Anyways, all things considered I will award ‘Prometheus’ six check marks – although not the golden ones, that are only awarded to that extraordinary movie and that only happens once a year or so!


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