The Dark Knight Rises

Let me say this to start with, the theatre where we saw this movie has, to the best of my knowledge, the largest screen in Odense (Denmark) and has seats for 433 spectators, and on this opening night the theatre was filled to capacity. Unfortunately the A/C is greatly under dimensioned, so we were literally melting in there. This may have influenced my judgement of TDKR somewhat. It actually became so hot, that about halfway through the flick, water was distributed by the staff to everybody.

BTW, before the main feature the teaser to ‘Man of Steel’ was shown. I’m pretty much done with all these superhero flicks, but everyone who is a fan of the genre almost wet themselves in anticipation of this re-reboot of the Superman story. They’ll have to contain themselves though, it wont be released until mid June 2013 😉

Well, TDKR hasn’t got and of the same ‘magic’ as the two previous movies in the trilogy had. It is more of what we had in ‘The Dark Knight’, as in bigger explosions, more action and even more advanced bat-vehicles. But antagonist Bane (Tom Hardy) is alas no Joker (Heath Ledger), far from it. Not even Ann Hathaway (Selina Kyle/Catwoman), who really could have been an asset for this movie, didn’t do much for this flick. As per usual however, both Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne/Batman), Gary Oldman (Commissioner Gordon) and Morgan Freeman (Fox) delivered up to or near to their usual standard.

I’ve been a huge fan of Chris Nolan (‘The Prestige’, ‘Inception’, ‘The Dark Knight’) for some time, but this may be his worst movie so far. Well, every director is allowed to fail sometimes, and TDK was a hard act to follow, but still I was very disappointed! Nothing much really happened. Big explosions can be nice, but in this movie they seemed kinda pointless. When they do a directors cut of this flick, they should cut at least 30 minutes out of this mess, instead of adding anything 😉

As indicated above, the pace of the story is slooow, the fist fighting scenes are made so realistic that they become bland. The part of the movie where Bruce Wayne is thrown into the pit, just goes on and on… As for the action sequences, there isn’t really anything new here. It’s all strangely understated. It may seem fitting for a dark superhero movie as TDKR, but it would have made the almost 3 hours in the cinema more bearable!


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